Freedom Behind Bars: Meditation in Prison

Study Conducted by Tom O’Connor and Sandford Nidich

Humanism, Spirituality and Religion in Prison

Tom O’Connor talks about the appropriate role of Trancendental Meditation in the Oregon prison system

Active Listening and Social Learning Demonstration

by Tom O’Connor and Patti Caswell

Prison Chaplaincy: Fostering Humanist, Spiritual and Religious Way of Making Meaning

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life recently released a survey report: “Religion in Prisons: a Fifty State Survey of Prison Chaplains” which gave a glimpse into religion behind the prison wall. During the web broadcast which released the report, panel member, Tom O’Connor (CEO of Transforming Corrections and former Research Manager of the Oregon Department of Corrections) gave an interesting insight into the life and work of a prison chaplain using the story of a United Methodist Chaplain.